Stony roads and lonely lakes (2005)

The first album using a new recording format, this was only the second set of songs written in 2005. The recording has less depth but is clearer and lacks hiss. The songs essentially continue on from the more conventional songs of “All That Is Lost Can Be Found”.

  1. Everest is waiting
  2. Timely cover
  3. Into grey
  4. Lighting of the skies
  5. Dead in the morning
  6. Time
  7. Paperback
  8. Another punch in the gut
  9. Will the sun go down on my pain
  10. Count on me
  11. Sitting by the lake
  12. Thinking of plenty
  13. Stony road
  14. Someone’s opened up my door

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3 thoughts on “Stony roads and lonely lakes (2005)

  1. This is the first of your albums that I’ve dipped into based purely on the title “Stony Roads and Lonely Lakes,” which I think is ace.

    I think it’s great that you’ve put these up raw, complete with lo-fi hiss and quite unselfconscious. Cutting through that is some very nice song writing and I can really imagine these tracks being played with a fuller band (especially tracks like “Into Grey”).

    It’s quite a transatlantic sound you’ve got at times it got a dusty Americana feel but definitely British (well done for singing with your own accent). “Another Punch in the Gut” could easily be a punk song if you sped it up and laced it with fuzz.

    Great work, thanks for sharing these!

    Paul Simpson (@pjsimpso)

  2. Thanks Paul. This is the longest response I’ve had. All interesting comments. I would add that this record isn’t necessarily typical, just where I happened to be at the time

  3. Read your letter in the AU magazine and decided to have a listen. I am very impressed. I have dipped in and out of the various collections, there is a very obvious development as the timeline progresses. Thanks for sharing.

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